Climb Up is made up by certified and experienced professional mountain leaders, climbing instructors and tour guides, who offer you the possibility to get to know the Greek countryside and the mountain up close, by unique experiences, such as rock climbing, hiking and fun trips.

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Leonidio is located at the east coast of Peloponnese, at legendary Arcadia, just a couple of hours away from Athens airport or a couple of hours away from Kalamata’s airport.


Being a passionate climber or not as soon as you get there you will be thrilled by the imposing cliffs that adorbs the wide canyon of Leonidio.


The last few years local and foreigner climbers has managed to place Leonidio and its endless climbing sectors on the golden world climbing map with the top climbing destinations and to convert this isolated but uniquely beautiful part of Greece to the Meka of sport climbing worldwide for any climber.


The high quality of limestone gives you the sense of safety whilst the vast number (1.800) of all difficulties climbing routes makes you feel that paradise is in the earth.

What we provide is not just the guidance and the belaying. 


First of all, we provide all you need to know about rock climbing, from A to Z, by organizing seminars and courses for beginners and more experienced climbers. You can book even a half day climbing trip or a multiday rock trip all around the area. Tailor made tours are our specialty.


Secondly, we provide the know-how of the place. As locals we are able to guide you to the most incredible sectors and to place the ropes for you to climb either top roping or to lead the most precious gems of each sector by helping you at the same time not wasting important and limited vacation time by searching suitable crags for your weights and measures.


Last but not least is our ability to drive you to crags that suits you most. In specific time of the day that you can climb in the shade and with as less people as it gets.


Season: 12 months
Climbing Routes: 1700
Grades: 5a+/8c+ (very easy/super hard)
Kids friendly: Yes
Residence Time: 4 hours
Ratio guide to guest: 1:3

Don’t forget to bring

4 hours
9+ Age
  • Destination
  • Departure
    "Fabrica of Culture", Central Square
  • Departure Time
  • Return Time
  • Dress Code
    Casual, comfortable and light

Tour Location

Leonidio is located at the east coast of Peloponnese, at legendary Arcadia. Leonidio is considered as a top climbing destination having more than 1700 routes of all grades.

  • Leonidio is the eggplant capital! Every July "Melitzazz" festival takes place and gathers multi-national cultures.
  • They still use a Dorik-derived dialect and have unique folk traditions.
  • Paralio Astros combines 10 km of coastline with a picturesque town.
  • Visit the 1893 lighthouse and the impressive Frankish castle.

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