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The climbing park of Lagada is located on the 45th kilometer of the Kalamata-Sparta mountainous national road at 800 meters of altitude.

It is a monument for the greater Peloponnese area, as the multitude of different grades on excellent quality limestone as well as its enchanting location, make it one of the most beautiful sport climbing parks in Greece.


Since 1999 to the present day, there have been created approximately 100 sport routes from 5a to 8c+ on 5 different fields. The last 15 years Climb Up Outdoor Activities” team organizes events, maintains the existing routes and creating new ones. At Lagada you can unequivocally have an excellent climbing from start to finish even you are a beginner or a pro.

Once you get a taste of this excitement, you might be hooked on climbing for life!

Our goal is to have fun always considering your safety and enjoyment.



  • Climbing Routes: 97
  • Grades: 5a+/8b (very easy/very hard)
  • Kids friendly: Yes
  • Approach by car: 1 hour
  • Residence Time: 4 hours
  • Ratio guide to guest: 1:3

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9+ Age
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Tour Location

Only 45 minutes away from the town of Kalamata in the heart of Mt. Taygetos is the unique climbing park of Lagada.

  • The mountainous area has traditional villages that some of them are determined precisely by Pausanias (1AD century) about their location.
  • Southern of Lagada gorge, a hiker can see the old landmarks which were boundary stones that discovered along the ridge.
  • Ancient Temple of Artemis Limnatis was in close distance.
  • The village Alagonia is also famous for the "potatoe" festival every August, where potatoes are prepared and cooked in many ways and are served for free to all the visitors.
  • Climbing Routes: 33
  • Grades: 5a+/7a (very easy/very hard)
  • Kids friendly: Yes
  • Approach by car: 1 hour
  • Residence Time: 4 hours
  • Ratio guide to guest: 1:3

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