Climb Up is made up by certified and experienced professional mountain leaders, climbing instructors and tour guides, who offer you the possibility to get to know the Greek countryside and the mountain up close, by unique experiences, such as rock climbing, hiking and fun trips.

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Rock climbing experience



75€ / per person
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Mani is known of great history and land morphologies. Weat Mani’s land relief combined with maze paths which unite mountain villages between them, composes an ideal terrain of discovering the great outdoors. Above the beach of Kalamitsi, at the exit of Kardamili to Stoupa there rises an imposing rock accompanied by the Messinian gulf.


In 2012 “Climb Up Outdoor Activities” team voluntarily began the idea and created this unique diverse climbing park of great interest, which consists of 3 fields with 33 routes of little and medium difficulty, some of them reaching as much as 60 meters in height. The rock consists of good quality of limestone with lots of vegetation at the base.


Excursion is adressed to beginner or adept climbers. By providing you professional guidance, all the climbing equipment and belaying we ensure you’ll have a lovely, educational and fun morning even if it is your first attempt on the rocks or even you are an experienced climber.

The orientation of the sectors is northwest and just a little above the sea level. It is offered for all seasons but we suggest not to climb after 14:00 during summer months.


Trust us you will be amazed!



  • Climbing Routes: 33
  • Grades: 5a+/7a (very easy/very hard)
  • Kids friendly: Yes
  • Approach by car: 1 hour
  • Residence Time: 4 hours
  • Ratio guide to guest: 1:3

Departure Details

Departure Time: 08:00
Return Time: 13:30
Departure / Return Location: To be defined

Don’t forget to bring

Dress code

Sport clothing, comfortable

Climbing shoes are provided

4 hours
9+ Age

Tour Location

Only 45 minutes away from the town of Kalamata, at a ledge of unique aesthetic value, rises imposingly the sport climbing area of Kardamili at West Mani.

  • Kardamili is a village by the sea 38km southeast of Kalamata. Stretching between two places of rare beauty, it vaccilates  between its own tradition and the cultural necessities of today's living. Sometimes an Homeric Gift, sometimes as a Sea Nymph, it did not cease to indicate its superiority and to be a prosperous enviable city, but also a significant port for all seekers of values. Castle of Kardamili is a treasure of the Medieval era today looks like a fortress tower complex.
  • It's been designed by the Ministry of Culture as a particularly valuable natural landscape because of the rich vegetation and historical because of the special development of the architecture well known as Mani's Residence, something that significally worked, so as the area is rich of historical monuments of all time and lots of historical facts happened there.
  • First time Kardamili is mentioned in Homer's Iliad, as the 1st of the 7 auspicious and well inhabited cities. King Agamemnon would give it dowry to Achilles if he married one of his daughters.
  • Also Theodoros Kolokotronis and other leaders of the weapons known as "oplarhigi" planned there the Greek Revolution of 1821.
  • Is this landscape looks familiar to you? Maybe you have seen this area while watching the movie "Before Midnight". (Ethan Hawk- Julie Delpy)
  • Transfer
  • Mountain Guide
  • Climbing Instructors
  • Belaying
  • Climbing Shoes
  • Helmet
  • Harness
  • Climbing Equipment
  • Water
  • Snack
  • Photos
  • Liability insurance
  • Taxes and fees

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