Climb Up is made up by certified and experienced professional mountain leaders, climbing instructors and tour guides, who offer you the possibility to get to know the Greek countryside and the mountain up close, by unique experiences, such as rock climbing, hiking and fun trips.

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Six Day Tour

Discover the great outdoors

Discover the great outdoors

1080€ / per person
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We have combined the most amazing outdoor activities that somebody can do in south Greece. We offer a perfect tailor made product suitable for any adventurer, hiker or traveler who likes challenges.

Rock Climbing, River Trekking, Gorge Walking, City Brake, Hiking, Mountaineering, Swimming, Cliff Diving, Castles, Museums and Food Tasting are just some of the activities we have combined and offer!


Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn
Route length: 40 km (in total)
Hiking: 30 hours (in total)
Altitude: 0m minimum-2.407m maximum
Degree of difficulty: 1-4 / 5
Kids friendly: 12+
Overnight stay: YES
Escort Ratio: Climber – 1: 8


Organization and processing of all activity
Mountain Guide
Waking poles
Waterproof ponchos
Accommodation: 5 nights in hotel
Board: 5 Morning, 4 LunchPacks, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner
First aid kit
Liability insurance
All the transfers

6 days
12+ Age
  • Destination
  • Departure
  • Dress Code
    Casual, comfortable and light

Tour Plan


Day 1 Arrive in Kalamata

When you arrive in Kalamata, you will be taken to your hotel and you will be acquainted and informed by the Climb Up team.

Day 2 Rock Climbing in Kardamili

This morning will find you on the way to the beautiful Kardamili. After 45 minutes of driving you will have the chance to test your strengths in rock climbing. This climbing park is entirely created by the Climb Up team and is ideal for both beginners and experienced. The activity from start to finish takes place in the shade and the climbing routes extends even more than 30 meters. Nevertheless, when the time of departure comes and before you take the road back, there will be a stop for swimming on the turquoise waters of an astonishing hidden beach just five minutes away from the park.

Day 3 Hiking in Rintomo Gorge

This day will take you to the mountain cluster of Gaitses. It is a small community 50 minutes from Kalamata. There the surprises and beauties will be many but the mysteries even more. Your adventure will start right after the Greek coffee that the elder of the village will offer you in his traditional café. The first 2km of your hiking, goes down on an easy gravel road. The next 6 km in almost permanent low slope in the gorge. After this fabulous trail you will follow a steep track in a cobbled path, while the last 3 km on a gravel road that will take you where you tasted the wonderful coffee.

Day 4 Kalamata City Brake

This day will be a day of resting and relaxation. You will be able to get to know the city of Kalamata close by. It is a city that, although 30 years ago, was almost completely destroyed due to a major earthquake, today it has managed to be among the top European destinations. It combines mountain and sea with great museums and attractions. Here you will have the choice either to spend the day with a certified tourist guide, or to move just like you just want.

Day 5 Polylimnio Waterfalls & Gialova Lagoon

After a wonderful day, what better than an equally wonderful day. So early in the morning and just 30 minutes from the city of Kalamata, you will find yourself in the green village of Haravgi, where you have plenty of time to relax and swim in the fresh and green waters of Polylimnio. The trail is generally flat, mildly and short. After swimming you will have the opportunity to cross the river and taste local seasonal fruits. Around noon and having your lunch you will depart for your next destination. Just 30 minutes away from Polilimnio is the famous lagoon of Gialova and the historical bay of Navarino. That will be your next destination. It is an area that, as a whole, is the ultimate lure for every visitor. Geopolitics is a station for the Greek history as there were important battles between the Athenians and the Spartans, as well as the last episodes of Ottoman domination. Your episode begins between the lagoon and the bay. The path moves around the characteristic hill of the area, at the top of which stands the historical old castle of Pylos. At the top of the hill there will be a lunch break and a historic retrospection of the last 2,500 thousand years from a historian that will accompany you. After the end of the hiking and after you have reached the point where you started a quick dip in the warm waters of the bay will revive before the dinner that will be offered to you by Climb Up in a restaurant in Gialova.

Day 6 Peak Taygetos 10km

The last day will be the most important as you will have the chance to climb the legendary Spartan Mountain and the highest peak of the Peloponnese at 2,407 meters. The distance you will have to cover in order to stand on top and return is 10 kilometers while the time needed for the whole project does not exceed 6 hours in total. Hiking starts at 1,550 meters and ends up again at the same spot. In the shelter at the base of the mountain will be held the last and farewell meal of the group where will be given gifts and souvenirs from all the previous days.

Tour Location

Kalamata, West Messinia, Mani, Sparta are some of the locations that we will wanderlust

Leaving behind you the Laconian side of Taygetos and climbing the last steps of the enigmatic “pyramid” you will meet the unpolluted chapel of Prophet Elias, while in front of you will see the view of the Messinian Gulf, which with the ideal conditions of visibility can be seen unobstructed until the white mountains of Crete.

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