Ridomo Gorge Bridge


65 €/person
11 km 5 Hours 4 - 24 People




Thrills for the Adventurous

Ridomo gorge, starts from very deep of the heart of mountain Taygetos and after 25 km leads to the beach of Santοva near the city of Kalamata. The gorgeous gorge is a real geological phenomenon. Throughout its length is very easy to observe the uniqueness of its morphology, as well as the unique aesthetic value and practicality of its cobbled roads.

We have chosen 2 different routes. A long one of 11km and a short one of 6km.

The long route is an adventurous circuitof 11km. Our adventure begins at the cafeteria of Socrates by tasting the outstanding Greek coffee that only he can make. After the coffee the hike starts and for the first 2km we stepping down a gravel road to the bottom of the gorge. For the next 5km we have to climb up the gorge until a manmade cobbled road. In some cases during the hike inside the gorge we have to use our hands to cross some boulders. This is the only difficulty. For the last 4km we take the way back to the vans from the top of the gorge, again in a gravel road. That way we can cross undoubtedly the most beautiful piece of the canyon from the bottom, but also to admire the panorama on the way back.

Pricing Chart

5 Hour Tour
4 - 24 People
65 €/person
  • Transfer
  • Professional Tour Leader
  • Mountain Guide/s
  • Coffee
  • Water
  • Snack
  • Photos
  • Liability insurance
  • Taxes and fees


Come and join the thrill and excitement of RIDOMO GORGE- BRIDGE with Climb Up team!


Meeting place: Your residence
Meeting time: 08:00
Arrival time: 15:30
Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn
Route Length: 11 km (in total)
Altitude: 600m-1000m
Walking Time: 5 hours (in total)
Approach by car: 45 min
Difficulty: Moderate
Kids friendly: 9+
Overnight: No
Ratio guide to guest: 1:7

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