3-day Mythical Olympus Hike

Olympus- House of the Gods

290 € /person
18 KM 18 Hours 4 - 24 People




Thrills for the Adventurous

This is the number one mountainous destination in Greece. It is the absolute lure for any hiker. Hikers from all over the world are traveling to Greece just to climb this legendary massif. More than 20.000 climbers are visiting this mountain every year. After 20 years of experience on this mountain we have chosen the most incredible and the most imposing route.

Our hike will start from the site of Gortsia, at 1.120 meters of altitude through a dense beech forest that alternates with pine and fir. After about 5,5 km and 3 hours of picturesque hiking we will see the classy and fabulous shelter of Petrostrouga at 1.950 meters of altitude where we will sleep for the night.  In the shelter we will find hot food and warm places to quench our fatigue!

The next day, early in the morning we will start climbing to the plateau of muses at 2.700 meters. As we ascend and exit to the alpine zone, the panoramic view to the east coast will magnetize our gaze. But what will fascinate you will be the spectacle of the ridge that leads to the plateau of Muses and the throne of Zeus. The fatigue is gone and from here we will have the opportunity to see most of the 55 peaks over 2000 meters that Olympus has.

After 5 km and another 3-hour hike we will arrive at the plateau. There we will have a small brake to the one of the two shelters for some rest.

After the necessary brake we will continue our mythical climb to the highest point of Greece.

The last part has 1,5 km length but because of the steepness it will take us about 90 minutes to reach the coveted summit. The last 250 meters before the summit we will use all of our climbing equipment.

At the top will have the opportunity to admire and observe a 360o view, the most imposing scenery in mountainous Greece!  

In our gingerly descent we will use ropes just to ensure our stability and just for the first 250 meters. On our way to the shelter of Petrostuga we will make another stop to one of the plateau shelters for lunch and fun!

The same night will find us resting and dinning almost a thousand meters lower, at the shelter of Petrostruga. After an enjoyable night, the third day in the morning we will start descending to the place we started our adventure reminiscing about the unique moments we experienced the previous two days.

Pricing Chart

18 Hour Tour
4 - 24 People
290 € /person
  • Meeting point: Gortsia
  • Meeting time: 14:00
  • Return time 19:00
  • All the Transfers (from Kalamata, Tripoli, Athens) can be provided


Come and join the thrill and excitement of Olympus- House of the Gods with the Climb Up team!

Day 1

09:00 Departure from Kalyftaki stop (Kifissia)

14:00 Arrival at Gortsia at 1,120 meters altitude

14:30 Preparations and start of hiking to the shelter of Petrostrouga (average estimated climb time 3 hours and 30 minutes)

18:00 Arrival at the shelter of Petrostrouga at 1,960 meters altitude where overnight

Day 2

05:30 Wake up and breakfast

06:30 Preparations and start of hiking (average estimated climb time 3 hours and 30 minutes)

10:00 Muse Plateau (break 30 minutes)

10:30 Start for the summit

12:00 Highest summit in Greece 2,917m

12:30 Start from the summit for Petrostrouga with a break on the plateau (our stay on the plateau will depend on the weather)

Day 3

09:00 Wake up and breakfast

10:00 Preparations and start of hiking for Gortsia

12:00 Arrival at Gortsia

17:00 Arrival in Athens


Organization and processing of all activity

Mountain Guide


Walking poles


Water proof ponchos


Accommodation: shelter

Breakfast, Snack


First aid kit

Liability insurance

All the transfers from Kalamata,Tripoli and Athens


Anything that is not mentioned above


Season: Spring,Summer, Autumn

Route length: 25 km (total)

Hiking: 15 hours (total)

Elevation: 1.120m-1.960m-2.760m-2.917m-2.760m-.1.960m-1.120m

Degree of difficulty: 5/5

Kids friendly: 12+

Overnight stay: YES

Escort Ratio: Climber – 1: 8

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