Menalo Trail Dimitsana

65 €/person
10 KM 4 Hours 4-24 People

Thrills for the Adventurous

The first certified trail in Greece by the ‘European Ramblers Association’ (ERA) is true and ‘Climb Up Outdoor Activities’ is ready to guide even the most demanding nature lover.

The Menalon Trail is a mountain hiking path of 75km that runs through the legendary Arcadia in the heart of mythical Peloponnese. With a diverse landscape of rugged mountains, canyons, and verdant valleys, the trail passes through picturesque villages, such as Stemnitsa, Dimitsana, Elati, Vitina, Nymfasia, and includes eight sections varying in difficulty level and length, all of which are worth exploring.

According to Mythology, Lousios river took the name because of the nymphs that brought the newborn Jupiter into these waters for his first bath. 

The trail starts from the village of Dimitsana and the Open Air Warter Power Museum and ends in ancient Gortyna. Temples, Monasteries, ascetics, hermitages, watermills, water jets and barrows are ingredients that makes the scenery special. Among the most important religious monuments are the Old (10th century) and the New (17th century) Monastery of the Virgin of the Philosopher, the Monastery of Timios Prodromos (late 16th century), the watermill of the monastery of Prodromos, St Andreas Gortyn (14th century) and the Ancient City of Gortyn (3rd century BC).

Ascent: 120m
Descent: 470m

Min height: 480m
Max height: 950m

Pricing Chart

4 Hour Tour
4 - 24 People
65 €//person
  • Transfers
  • Professional Tour Leader
  • Mountain Guide/s
  • Walking Poles
  • Photos of activity
  • Liability insurance
  • Taxes and fees


Come and join the thrill and excitement of Dimitsana- Gortina with the Climb Up team!


Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn
Route Length: 10km (in total)
Walking Time: 4 hours (in total)
Difficulty: Easy
Kids friendly: 8+
Overnight: No
Ratio guide to client: 1:7 .

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