Climb Up is made up by certified and experienced professional mountain leaders, climbing instructors and tour guides, who offer you the possibility to get to know the Greek countryside and the mountain up close, by unique experiences, such as rock climbing, hiking and fun trips.

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About us

Our Goal

To inspire you and impart knowledge and love for Greece, always considering your safety and ultimate enjoyment.

Having traveled all around the world, having the mindset and culture of the cosmopolitans, we aim to guide you and show you what we would also like to see if we were in your place. All the secrets, mysteries and well-hidden sightseeings of south Greece.


For most of the people and for most of the times a five-star resort in combination with a superb, exotic, gorgeous beach is enough to have good time. But this is not enough for everyone. There are people who like to see the world by living each moment in a unique way. Climb Up specializes in this kind of people.


Our ultimate goal is to inspire you and impart knowledge and love for Greece, always considering your safety and ultimate enjoyment. We provide our guests with unparalleled experiences, having as much fun as possible during any of our activities. Everything we do is driven by love and passion and every trip is infused with adventure. We strongly believe that living life to the fullest should be everyone’s ultimate mission. The only think you have to do is to…


“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein

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Travel Experts

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  • BA in Humanities: Greek History and Culture
  • Mountain Leader
  • Rock Climbing and Mountaineering Instructor

George Malamas was born in Kalamata in 1981. His passion for the mountains begins at the age of 8 when he started hiking with his family. At the age of 11 he started participating in organized base camps for kids on mountain Taygetos at 1.350m.

He has been trained by the Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering & Climbing and by the Hellenic Rescue Team. He dedicates himself to lifelong learning and he continues his training for the knowledge of the mountains in related issues such as rescue, self-rescue and potential hazards like avalances.He has climbed all the greatest slopes of Greece. He has carved out and created more than 100 new climbing routes.He has also climbed the Himalayas, the Pamirs, the Alps, the Dolomites, the Caucasus, the Tatras, the Carpathians, on both rock and ice routes.


Since 2009 he works as an instructor in charge of climbing and hiking excursions for private schools, promoting the culture of climbing to children from the age of 5 and above.


In 2013 he establishes ‘Climb Up’ and at the same year he starts cooperating with Costa Navarino Resorts as a third party operator. Until 2017 he was the main tour leader and the exclusive climbing instructor and supervisor for all the hiking and rock climbing excursions.


The same year he started his cooperation with the British ‘Neilson Resorts’ and together with the team of ‘Climb Up’ provides the guidance for all the hiking, climbing and cultural excursions.


Since 2019 he teaches mountain guiding at the Public Vocational Training Institute of Sparta and Arcadia.

He expresses his passion for volunteering by being a member, an instructor and a supporter of the Hellenic Rescue Team since 2010.

Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Egypt, England, France, Georgia, Germany, Holland, Hungarian, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Luxembourg, Moldavia, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Skopje, Slovakia, Switzerland, Tadzhikistan, Uzbekistan.

  • Merchant Marine Academy
  • Dental Technician

After working at a laboratory as a Dental Technician in Athens I came back to my hometown Kalamata.As a nature lover I could not keep working in laboratories and I wanted to discover the nature more and more. From a single hiker I tried sport climbing and I saw that it was something that made me happy.

At the climbing lessons I met George (my climbing and mountaineering instructor) and helped me to discover the sports (climbing, mountaineering, etc) that I could do in the nature and change my old habits-hobbies.
The new habits became part of my life and I decided to do the big step and study to the Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering & Climbing. George helped me a lot in the part of the studies also in the part of the work.It’s a life time education and I want to discover it until the end!! After the studies and the journeys we had with George, he gave me the opportunity to join his team and work with him and the rest of the team of Climb Up.

Besides my biggest interests, I could mention that a big part of my life are motorcycles. I ride motorcycles from the age of 16 and I own motorcycles 19 years old. I am a v-Twin lover and in my free time I try to discover my country on a motorcycle! Last and big interest is the exploration of new countries, I love travelling abroad and learn the history, the culture and taste new flavors different from those I try everyday in my country!

France, UK, Holland, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Andorra, Turkey, USA, India, Iraq, South Korea, Dubai + Fujairah, St. Eustathius (a very small island in the Carribean) Nigeria, South Africa (Capetown)

Bachelor of Business Administration
Mountain Leader

Nektarios was born in Thessaloniki in 1982. His passion for the mountains started at the age of 17. At the age of 18 he became a member of Hellenic Rescue Team on mountain rescue department.

He enjoys to volunteer and dedicates himself to continuous learning and skills development. He has been trained by Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing and by Hellenic Rescue Team.
He really likes the winter mountain and mountaineering ski. Usually you can find him in mountain Olympus where is working as a refuge manager, at Petrostrouga refuge. He has been for climbing at France, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Cyprus. He has been head in the mountain rescue department at Hellenic Rescue Team for 6 years and with Malamas Giorgos was members of the team that set up the training curriculum in mountain rescue. He has been on the organizational committee for 7 nationwide mountain rescue conference in Greece.The last 5 years he is working on mountain activities mainly in Northern Greece.

His vision, everyone to experience the beauties of Greece, get engaged and to combine mountain and sea fields.

I have been: Cyprus, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, Russia, Portugal, Ireland, Belgium, Andorra, Spain, Hungary

Management and Economics
Department of Business and Organizations Administrator
Health and Welfare Units Administration

She was born in 1984 in Athens. The capital was big enough for her but not as free enough she wanted. From early beginning she started hiking the areas around Athens and to the countryside.

In 2003 she succeed her exams and she had the luck to move to magical Kalamata. Right away she starts searching for the local active community and the first person she meets is George, the founder of “Climb Up”. She grabbed the opportunity and she starts hiking all around south Greece and at the same time she attends at both climbing and mountaineering schools certified by the Hellenic Federation of mountaineering and climbing to improve her skills.
In 2010 having already her first child, she works with children at the climbing wall of a private schooll and she introduces them in climbing. She had cooperation with summer camp “fotohara” for 2 years as a climbing supervisor and an entertainment manager.

In 2013 started working with “Climb Up” as an assistant and in 2015 she also took over office obligations.
At 2017 she establishes a new innovative tourist office named as ‘Trek and Travel’ authorized by the Greek Ministry of Tourism.
Nicky’s ultimate goal is together with Climb Up and with all the important local businesses to promote an integrated product value for money.

Nicky has travelled almost everywhere in Greece and her dream is to explore all continents.

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